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Video Builder

Once you go into the dashboard you will see options like this to your left right so the idea behind the video builder app is not only can you do the video sort of video I showed you just now where you can have a 3d animation characterspeaking but also have text effects beside them.

Todd Gross

And also have transitions lower-third elements and so on so literally you’re doing exactly what human spokesperson would do but beyond that as well now this is where it gets more interesting right with a human character it lets just a human spokesperson write like Todd Gross he does a lot of human spokesperson.

The issue with that is once you create a human spokesperson video you can’t really edit it anything anywhere else or any way you wish right because it’s done but that means you have to really order another video or if you wanted to use that video for another purpose another niche you have to keep buying new videos this way and while it’s captivating this new form of video based on proof of conce

Text to speech engine

Where we tested this in different sales videos and different niches has outperformed the human spokesperson videos this allows your customers to really have flexibility right which means they can put a 3D character and add their own voice over they can have a professional voice over or user text-to-speech to create a real professional sales video that they can upload to YouTube.

When you or even create it for clients and so on and this new form of video we like to call 3d avatar motion capture explainer videos.

So let me give you an example so as you can see here in this project right here I have the actual character speaking and you can have lower third elements you can change the background completely to whatever you want.

The cool thing is we’ve done beyond that because we wanted to be the ultimate video builds are out there right so if you think about it what we’ve done is we’ve added intro animations right which means at the introduction of the video you want your logo to show up right and have an animation there for your logo to display.

videobuilder tutorial

Logo Animations

And so on we’ve done that so as you can see here different logo animations you’re adding them as we speak right and you can just click one button go next right and you can see what kind of delay you want and what color you want and what kind of text one everything you can customize everything and boom you just click preview and it’s going to show up this way completely animated right that’s the actual intro that’s going to occur before every video.

That’s how easy it is you just click Next and drag and drop this into the timeline like so that’s as easy as it can get right you do it in the beginning of the video but I already have an intro here in this project so I wanted to show you now if you if you go back down we also have outro animations.

This means think about it, outro animations are after the end of the video you want to have a call to action I click this button below or you know join our Facebook group or you know go to our website or subscribe to my actual newsletter or you know you get the idea.

So if I go here for example this is the actual apps for animation again very customizable click the button below and so on you have text effects around it and all that good stuff before to do this you need Adobe After Effects and you have to have experience doing video editing video animation work.

We’ve done that completely push-button easy for your customers now on top of that as well to make it even better and useful for your customers we’ve allowed you to actually have a choice of avatars now again we’ll be adding them as we go along for example we also have some premium avatars as an upgrade that they can purchase.

so for example if I choose Jenna as the character right if you go next there options here where you can record the actual voice write it right right here you can use text-to-speech engine our powerful Texas speech engine which is the world’s best text-to-speech engine available online right now.

Lip Sync

You also have media library where you can for example get a voice over done professionally with fiber comm and so on and then upload it from your computer so this gives you a very huge amount of flexibility right for example if I just click record audio I can record it right here and have it completely played and lip sync.

This means if there are pauses the character the three animation character would also pause similar to how an animation movie or Hollywood movie would work read them it’s actually complete lip-sync technologies and place yours similarly without any really high-end 3D apps like cinema 4D or Adobe After Effects.

Video Builder App

You can useĀ this video builder app to do this really high-end 3D animations and 3D motion capture explainer videos and Avatar videos right so on top of that as well as you can see where we can also add text trend text animation so we have as you can see here many many different text effects that you can add to your animations and your 3D avatar explainer videos.

So you consider adding them as we speak a lot of them as you can see we have smoke in here shocking tale of Lee you get the idea we haveĀ  text and all these text effects work seamlessly within the app now to make it even better we’ve also allowed flexibility to upload your own media into the app.

So if you just don’t want to use just between the animation characters but you want to use your own videos you want to import or you purchase royalty free videos or you want to use our own video library of images

Video Builder Examples

For example here is a track button here and then you can automatically add a track and then drag and drop your audios or your background music and so on or your voice or witch whatever you want you can use that our media library and same thing with images you drag and drop it into the timeline now think about how really valuable that is because you can have layers of stuff for example.

I can have an image a video a 3d animation character and text effects happening at the same time to create a real professional video without needing any of those high end very difficult to use apps like After Effects 3and so on and because you don’t even need to really use our templates you can even use create your own template around it that gives you that blank canvas to take it to another level.

And on top of that as well you also get lower 3rd animations now this is this 1comes from broadcast obviously right so if you wanted to have for example animations where right at the bottom of the video you have animation show up this way as you can see to your left.

videobuilder tutorial

Video Builder Animations

These are all animations that will come at the bottom left or bottom right of the video you whatever you choose right and these animations will be customized with your text by the way ok as you can see you can have your logo your company name or just you can have some text animated this way.

And again the same thing goes here you click Next and then you drag and drop it after you selected your text right I can just put my text saying our new features include and outer dot right I can do that and that will completely get animated here and you just drag and drop it into the timeline.

Ok so that’s as straightforward as it is with the timeline availability that we have it creates a blank canvas where you can create any kind of video the ones we’re promoting are the 3d motion capture avatar.

Explainer videos the new kind of video that nobody has ever done and there’s really captivating but again that’s because a lot of users they want something quick right they don’t want to get on camera they want to use their own voice and so on.

VideoBuilder generates traffic

They want to use something that’s ready to go that they can upload and start generating traffic as an affiliate marketer or they can start doing as a consultant or agency build these high-end videos which require a lot of different apps to make an experience with video editing and video production to be able to do they can do it on the fly in just a few seconds or even a minute or less using this particular video builder app .

That is really what the videobuilderapp does now to the on top of that we Have undo redo features it’s completely web-based as you can see and you can save your projects and open up their all and the cloud so therefore you don’t have to even have your computer turn on for it to work.

Once you click create a movie it’s done right you can just go over do your thing you can even switch off your internet you’re done because it will work behind the scenes.

Cloud Based

The cool thing with a web-based video builder editor and as well as a video production app is we can really scale it up right meaning if somebody is trying to create really high end videos right with their computer.

These days it’s not as strong to render and it would really heat up their computer systems you they notice where if you have a really high-end rendering work being done in a computer system what happens is that computer can crash or it heats up.

In this case it is completely cloud-based we already have the cloud infrastructure in place so their computer will be fine it doesn’t even relate to their computer at all which is again another huge plus that will benefit all your users who are using a Mac or PC or whatever device that they’re trying to use to render high-end 3d motion capture avatar.


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