Sync Problems adobe premiere – Solved

How to Fix Out of Sync Audio in Premiere Pro 

There is a problem when it comes to MP4 videos in Adobe Premiere when importing a mp4 clip in Adobe Premiere there is no sound present it only show the video clip not the audio.

to fix the mp4 problem in Adobe Premierewe have to use a video converter for
this problem here i am using

Now press video and then go to the video clip that you want and press open choose your destination and then press convert
It’s rendering very fast . The software is super fast.

Now we close the program and in import the converting MP4 clip into Adobe Premiere as you can see in the video the sync of the clip is totally lost.

I searched the web in many forums and found out that many have sync problems with Adobe Premiere and MP4 videos.

After many hours of research I finally found the solution to the problem.
The software is called handbrake and is a free software that anyone can use.

you just go to open file get your MP4 video that you want to convert and then go to video and here ladies and gentlemen is where the magic happens.

Instead of peak framerate you have to choose constant frame rate and you then go to browse
the name of your video and hit save.

Now hit the start and code and the video will begin to convert

Notice that is very quick to convert the

when it’s done it’s time to try the video in Adobe Premiere.
Now as you can see and hear the MP4(watch the video below) video clip is now in perfectly sync.


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