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A PowerPoint presentation is the soul of your marketing success. A well-prepared PowerPoint presentation can create a positive impact on your audience, and if you have been lazy to design the presentation, believe us that you are going to lose a client or a project.

It does not matter who you are and how good you are as a presenter if your PowerPoint presentation cannot create a visual impact on your audience,

Preparing a PowerPoint presentation that has the power to drive success your way is an art that combines several things including story, visuals, and representation. If you are missing any of this three parameters, you need to undertake the below listed top 5 principles if you want an impactful presentation.

1- Understand your audience

It is the very first thing that will help you decide how to prepare your presentation. If you a marketing professional, your goal will be to please the clients and make them buy your service or products. In this case, you will need to design your PPT in such a way that can clearly demonstrate your idea business through charts ,graphs, and images.

You need not to add any additional beauty elements but need to make the presentation simple yet crisp with a good color section.

And, if you as an teacher wants to convey a message to his students in the easiest way, then you PPT needs to be simple with more visual impacts and less content. You will have to make it enjoyable with related sound effects to build interest of the students, as they have a diverting mind and to ensure they can concentrate while you are teaching them, interesting elements in PPT will help you.

2- Prepare you content more in visuals than text

The second essential part of your PowerPoint presentation is its content Whether the PPT will have more images, graphs, charts and other such visual elements or the content broken into bullet points or small text boxes placed around a picture, can be decided based upon your business needs.

If you are going to explain the quarterly reports to the CEO of your company, then it is sure that the CEO will be more interested in visuals in the form of different types of graphs and charts rather than several bullet points listed on the presentation.

Here,you will have to prepare yourself with the explanation of those charts rather than writing the same on the slides. Those graphs and charts should speak themselves, and to those visuals, your presentation will get you the success.

3- Be a Presenter than a Writer

We have seen many people using PowerPoint presentation as a source to convey their message more with text than visuals. They believe that starting with a nice slide and then moving to the bullet points will get them a higher score per clients satisfaction, which is completely wrong.

The purpose of PowerPoint presentation is to explain the concept in an easy and crisp way, which can only be done when you play the role of a presenter than a writer.This can be done by using more visuals with a caption that you demonstrate to your audience.

It will build their interest to listen to your words. If you write down everything on the slide itself 9 out of 10 people will concentrate more on reading the content than listen to your words.

4- Simplicity makes you a winner

A critical principle of delivering a great PowerPoint presentation is keeping them simple and well organized.

It means if you have a lot of content and fewer visuals, then you need to arrange that content in such a way that the presentation does not look clumsy but clean and comfortable to read.

And when the content is less arrange that in the right context to the visuals. Use shapes, colors, text boxes, etc. to achieve the result.

Do not rush because a PowerPoint presentation that looks clean and organized demands more time to think about the best placement of text boxes, bullets, shapes, charts,graphs, and many other types of elements.

5 – Turn PowerPoint Presentation into a Visual Story

Yes, it is very much important because stories are interesting and everyone loves them. And, as a presenter, you need to make sure that the audience likes your way of storytelling as well. You need to relate the graphics used in the presentation with the textual information.

You can use examples to make the interest of the audience as well. Compare your examples and the information in the presentation to the real-life implementation, and you will see a keen interest of the audience.

After these principles let’s move to the next step, which is how to create a PowerPoint presentation.

Steps to Create a PowerPoint Presentation

Depending on your expertise in this excellent Microsoft tool, you can start preparing a presentation using the blank slides, a built-in theme, or a template. The selection can be made based on your requirement.

For example, someone who is not good at designing will always start from selecting a template to get a pre-built design to place the available content. And, after that, a color theme will be selected to add the colors. On the other hand, a professional will always use his/her expertise to design the presentation starting from a blank slide.

In this tutorial, we are going to explain the process of creating a PowerPoint presentation using a theme. At the end of this tutorial, you will have a basic presentation ready.
Perform the below steps to create a PowerPoint presentation:

Start PowerPoint.
Go to File > New.
Select Themes, as shown in the below Figure:


You will see many pre-built themes. Select a theme to start with, as shown in the below Figure:



By default, you will see many templates from which you can choose one as per your requirement. For example, you can select the Presentations template to start creating a template ,as shown in the figure below .


Select the theme and click the Create button, as shown in the below figure:


When you click the Create button, a slide will be created. It is the first slide of your presentation, and it has two boxes. One to add a Title and another to add a sub-title. Add Title and Sub-title, as shown in the below figure:



At this step, we suggest you save this presentation to your computer’s hard drive. It will be helpful in the case something wrong happens, and your computer gets hang, or you need to shut down your PC due to any reason. If you have the presentation saved, you can reopen it and start working from the point where you had left.

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