Best Video Editing software 2017

Best video editing software 2017 helps to create huge video clips. All tough video editing is now not an easy and costly task with the introduction of the best free video editing software.

With this handy tool, anyone can crop images, add captions and audio tracks. It does not require any professional skills except a little knowledge of which tools to use.

A number of best free video editing programs are available today for easy video customization. In this article, i have tried to bring some  of the Best Video Editing Software.

When it comes to video editing for Windows platforms, AVS would be the first choice for everyone. This is one of the best video editing programs offering tones of editing features and effects.

This amazing software was developed by Online Media Technologies Ltd. They design this multi-purpose application such as video editing, image editing, audio editing, disk editing and burning, etc.

This video editor has Blu-ray movies and multilingual support. Users can share video directly on social media platforms like Facebook, Flickr, and MySpace.

This tool provides HD quality and continuous video editing, single video, and dual audio tracks.

In terms of inbound and outbound support, this tool will truly create a stunning impression of a masterpiece and support almost all types of incoming and outgoing video extensions.

To get all the AVS software you need to spend $ 59 out of pocket, or you can also enjoy its unlimited free trial.

Final Cut Pro – Best Video editing software

Looking for the best video editing software for Mac? If yes, Final Cut Pro from Apple Inc. is the best option for high quality video editing. This amazing tool supports all types of inbound and outbound formats that are compatible with QuickTime.

It replaces the traditional timeline and introduces smart storyboards to its users and have up to 99 video and audio tracks.

Final Cut Pro X, the advanced version of Final Cut Pro is designed with some amazing features such as:

Magnetic timeline

Multi cam – to work with different sizes, formats, and frames in real time

Multi-Channel Audio Editing

Cut Connections

3D Titles

Coloring and masking


If you want professional video customization, then Final Cut Pro is the best video editing program for you. However, this tool costs you around $ 299 for full version.

Sony Vegas Movie Studio

It is the best video editing software for pc users. It helps you create amazing movies with less use of your system.

This tool is a minimized version of Sony Vegas Pro offering high quality video editing options, multiple features, effects, transitions, text and video stabilization.

Supported input formats are MP4, AVI, WAV, WMV, Quick Time, MPEG-4 and supported output formats are AVI, MP4, MPEG-4, WMV, WAV, etc.

They provide a platinum version for $ 49.95. However, new users can try it for free


Lightworks may be the best video editing software that is compatible with all platforms like Windows, iOS, and Linux.

With multiple platforms and versatile facilities, this tool has made a real revolution in video editing archived. In the case of professional video editing, this tool stands out with its amazing features such as:

Powerful Background I / O Support

Dedicated Keyboards Will Enhance Video Editing Experience

Multi cam Editing

Real time effects

Dedicated Export

Import and Rendering

This tool supports almost any type of video extension format with high resolution results. Users can download the best video editors for free and can also buy their pro version for more professional features.





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